About us

Lifelong professional involvement in the timber industry and our will propel us to set up own company. Experience has taught us to perfectly understand wood and the customer's requirements and that's why we formated on 15th of December 1998 Drevovýroba Ltd.​

Several years of experience guarantee to you that every time we can give you the highest quality products along with the professional consultation.

Our company consists of woodworking engineers and specialists with many years of professional practical experiences in the woodworking industry. Our goal is to be ready to meet the customer´s needs and deliver the highest quality products manufactured by modern technology in the shortest possible time.

Our focus is profiled for the initial processing of raw wood, sawmilling, manufacturing of construction timber and certified pallets.

Our asset is and phyto-sanitary treatment of pallets according to the standard - FAO ISPM č.15/2002